– Technical Education for Women –

Business Training Classes

Many women living in poverty have little time to devote to career or technical advancement and do not have the basic literacy skills required to pursue traditional jobs. Our sister organization, Asociacion de Familia a Familia, offers a unique educational opportunity for women which is easy, efficient, cost effective and designed to help them set up a business and become financially independent.

With only two days of training, women are taught the basics of setting up a cooking and food preparation business. The curriculum includes cooking classes to teach students how to prepare popular foods (dobladas, tostadas, chuchitos) and hot beverages (atoles). Students are also taught how to set up and manage a business using methods that are successful with women who are literate and women who are not. At the end of the training each participant receives a cooking kit (containing pots and pans) and the materials for their first food production. For about $170 per participant, the program provides training, transportation, lodging (1 night), meals and a kit to help them start their business.

A donation of any amount to Families for Families will support projects like this and help us provide technical education and increase self-sufficiency for women living in poverty.

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