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Medical Care

For most Guatemalan families living in poverty, access to quality and affordable medical care is simply out of reach. Lack of transportation is also a barrier to accessing health care. Lack of access translates into significant disparities in health outcomes for these families. According to statistics from the World Bank on Poverty and Inequality, Guatemala has one of the highest infant mortality rates and one of the lowest life expectancies at birth in the world. Preventable and treatable diseases such as diarrhea, cholera and tuberculosis account for a high portion of mortality rates. For over 12 years, our sister organization, Asociacion de Familia a Familia (AFF), has been committed to improving the lives of families through increasing access to medical services. Families for Familias has been supporting their efforts since 2009. By providing access to both preventative and emergency care this work saves lives and improves health outcomes.

The average cost for a medical appointment is $140. This cost includes transportation, appointment with a general doctor, routine lab work, meals, lodging and filling one prescription.

Dental Care

For many families pain from untreated dental problems is a fact of life and access to dental care is simply not an option. For less than$150 per visit, AFF provides families with access to emergency dental care including scheduling the appointment, fees for one extraction or filling and one round of medication. This cost also covers meals, lodging and transportation.

While emergency care is essential, we recognize that preventive care is equally as important. AFF also coordinates visits to the dentist for preventative services and consultation. These visits include lab tests, ultrasounds, X rays, medicines, transportation, lodging and meals as needed.

A donation of any amount to Families for Families will help support projects like this and help us increase access to medical and dental care for families living in poverty.

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