– Increase Access to Public School for Students –

School Supply Kits and Education Support

While the Guatemalan Constitution provides for a free public education for all children, many families are prevented from accessing this opportunity due to the number of fees associated with attendance. These fees include school supplies, books, uniforms and other expenses. For families living in poverty, these costs put education out of their reach. Another barrier to school attendance is the need for children to drop out of school to seek employment to help support their families. Almost half of children who begin first grade in Guatemala drop out before completing the 6th grade.

To increase access to education, our sister organization, Asociacion de Familia a Familia, has created School Supply Kits. Kits are organized by grade level and include: backpacks, a hygiene kit (tooth brush, tooth paste, antibacterial soap, antibacterial gel, face towel and other items), two pairs of shoes (one for Physical Education class one for daily wear) and enough school supplies for a year in school. Supplies include: basic text books, dictionaries, notebooks, bond and squared paper, markers, pens, pencils maps, a geometry set, scissors and glue.

The costs associated with attending public school in Guatemala vary by grade level. We can provide a child with a School Supply Kit, including delivery fee and staff time to purchase and assemble the Kit, as well as educational support such as assistance with enrollment for approximately $300 per year.

A donation of any amount to Families for Familias will support projects like this and help us increase access to public school for children in Guatemala.

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