– About us –

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Families for Familias was started in 2009 by a small group of adoptive families whose children were born in Guatemala. We have searched for and found our children’s birth families and continue to have ongoing contact with them. As our relationships with these families have deepened, so too has our understanding of the impact of poverty on the lives of many Guatemalans. Although we have had the privilege of directly supporting our children’s birth families over the years, we decided to start a non profit organization as a way to support the community of Guatemalan birth families generally, and as a way to give back to the families and culture who have touched our lives so much.

Families for Familias contracts with our sister organization in Antigua, Guatemala, Asociacion de Familia a Familia, to provide direct aid, such as tuition payments for schooling, medical and dental care, occupational support, and daily living assistance, to Guatemalan families touch by adoption.

Asociacion de Familia a Familia was started by four Guatemalan women who have been working with Guatemalan birth families and adoptive familes for 12 years, facilitating contact, and helping them maintain and strengthen healthy relationships by building a connection between cultures and families. In 2009, Asociacion de Familia a Familia became a (Guatemalan-based) foundation in order to provide more direct aid to families in need by providing medical, dental, educational, and occupational support. For more information about Asociacion de Familia a Familia, please see their website defamiliaafamilia.com